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The posture is individual, and varies from one person to another.

It relates to your personality and to what you do.

It is connected with your life circumstances, emotions, mood and structure.

It is unique, and is the base to all who you are.


The feldenkrais method

Enables a human being to organize his/her body to the demands of the 21st century life pace.  

Develops self awarness as to how to improve your abilities

Contributes to an effortless prevention of back, shoulder and neck pain, and other discomforts.

It is a commitment to a movement re-education.



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Three generations for

 100 years of the birth of Feldenkrais

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The Feldenkrais Method Center - Israel





Nestor Levin


 Rinat Levin Chervin M.Sc,  C.F.A.T    

Certified, expert teachers of the Feldenkrais method,

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